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Flash dump

2011-11-14 22:33:22 by Nosirah

I'm dumping a LOT of flash. Enjoy.

New project done

2010-01-06 17:04:13 by Nosirah

It's been a long time since I've even touched flash, but then I got into a video class. In there is Premere Pro CS4, Flash CS4 and others that got me excited. I started immediately [late November] on a project. I'm gonna post it tomorrow after I figure out what's wrong with it. Probably compatability issues. :(

So I was sitting in my room thinking, what's simple, artistic, exparamental, ard will make me better as an animater? Then it hit me.


they're simple, but get attention. they're easier to work with than stick figures, yet look much nicer. so i created nubs. they're nothing special, but i can work with them until i get better. i can go above the bare basics of flash and do something unique. this drawing is just an example of what the nubs will look like. enjoy waiting.

Bah, no one's gonna read this anyway.

sXs teaser

2007-12-02 20:57:17 by Nosirah

I got my animation out. Be sure to see it. There are sticks and it is a teaser, so it's not going to rate very high =(

I'm not embarassed by this, regardless of a few glitches.



2007-11-19 17:01:50 by Nosirah

You thought I was only watching movies? I'm actually making one of my own. It's called "sXs"

sXs is a frame by frame stick fight, but it makes fun of other stick fights. It's kind of like a knox thing with out clay (as in the humor), but everything is my idea. It should turn out to be sucessful, since it's pain by pain animation and my first one! So let's hope no stick nazis will blam it.